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Whooooo! Sorry I haven't been updating this thing. So much to do and so little time in a day! Man, nothing much has been going on here. Had to clean up my room which was a total bore. And Since I got hungry I just put some water on the oven to make macoroni and cheese! Oh yeah, yum. I love food. hehe. I just ate chips like 30 minutes ago too..oh well. haha. I was practicing on the drums earlier which was pretty fun. Not doing anything now just jamming out to Shakira. Heh, YEAH I said Shakira she's awesome now while your over there hating. lol. Okay maybe its just what Launch player on yahoo just decided to play next, it could be either or ; ) Still I like the song. OH WHATEVER, while I'm sitting here rambling about a freaking song! Errrr...I better go check on that water. Can't leave food alone while its cooking, either your hungry brother would take over or a fire would start. so yah. I am probably gunna update another time this weekend when I have something to say!! Ha, yah well leeme a comment!

Peace, Later!

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