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Food, but when is it not about food?

Hello everyone! I've got awesome news! Thanksgiving is in 6 days!! That means left over turkey and all the rest of the goods for atleast a week after that! I love Thanksgiving! FOOD IS AWESOME!! Girls are too but you know how it is when you don't got a girlfriend right now >.> <.< Oh well the point is there is lots of turkey, ham, mashed taters, gravy, yams, green bean caserol, stuffing, pumpkin pie, apple pie and all the rest of the goods to be had. I'm on the verge of drooling right now with all this yum food talk. :P I think i'm heading home for a BIG Thanksgiving, you know what I mean, all the fam. one house -nods- its going to be hectic but way worth it. Nothing much has happened in the last past days or whatver. I think i'm going to go hit up the mall to start my Christmas shopping and get a nice fall outfit to wear for Thanksgiving. I have nothing better to do with my day so yeah. I will update again sometime soon.

Peace Out,
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